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Locksmith Services Available 24/7

Emergency Car Lockout

Emergency House Lockout

Emergency Buisness Lockout

Lost Car Key Replacment

Car Key Duplicate

New Car Fobs

Locks Change

Locks Rekey

Locks & Safes

All of our expert locksmith services are available all day 24/7.

Our locksmith serves the entire Forest Grove area, we offer great service to the people who need service in the town of Forest Grove  . To request our assistance immediately, please call us to (503)431-9354 have one of the technicians of Locksmith Forest Grove OR head to you. The major perks of our company are our rush response times, 24-hour availability, positive attitude, 90-day warranties, and our comprehensive spectrum of services that we offer. Whether you need a technician for your car, home, or business, one of our locksmiths can be on site ASAP.


Lockouts Are Our Specialty

A key to your locked house or car is not necessary when a locksmith uses specialized tools to help open the locks.

When you are locked out of your car or home contact us and we will send a locksmith who will immediately come to your location and unlock the door to your car or house for you fast.

We are specializes in picking, replacing, rekeying, repairing, and installing locks as well as duplicating existing keys and replacing lost keys. Call Locksmith Forest Grove OR now

We Available 24/7

CAll US : (503)431-9354


Your Best Ally When You Lost Your Car Key/Fob

Did You Lose Your Car Key/Remote Or You Need Duplicate?

In need of an additional key to your vehicle, Forest Grove Locksmith can help you!

You don't need to tow your car to the dealership!

Our mobile technician can come to you in same day and make you a car key replacement for your car at a much lower cost than the dealer.

We will also provide quicker service and make this process easier for you.
Give us a call now and we will send our technician to your house or any location that your car is parked.

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